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Exchange Kings on food

Get Kings of every order

How do the Kings

1. You order food on our site

2. You are charged a percentage of the order amount, which is transferred to Kingie within 24 hours after payment of the order.

3. After charging 1 King is equivalent to 1 hryvnia.

4. After the accumulation of the King in sufficient quantities, you will be able to fully pay for the next order on the site!

Warning! The system is available only for registered users. To collect the King's, you need to register.

Dimensions of discounts
Turnover Amount of discount
for free after registration 3%
1000 5%
1500 7%
2000 10%
4000 12%
6000 15%
10000 18%
12000 20%
* the percentage corresponding to your turnover is returned to your account in your account in the form of Pizza King $
The king's are not awarded for promotions and special offers.
Owners of discount cards Pizza King

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